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I am a tenure-track assistant professor and director of the Liberal Studies program (supervising about 400 students) at the University of Houston. In the last years, I was a visiting professor at the University of Bergamo in Italy (2015, 2022), a lecturer at the University of Vienna (2019) and the Institute Vienna Circle (2015, 2017), and an academic visitor at the University of Oxford (2016, 2017). My research interests lie in epistemology and philosophy of mathematics, as well as ethics (mainly theories of evil). I work primarily on analytic Kantianism, whose issues (such as analyticity, truth, and number theory) I further beyond Kant. I also love sets and parthood relations, a feeling not entirely reciprocated yet.

In the past, I explored epistemic normativity (2006) and mathematical objectivity (2008) in Rickert, and natural philosophy (2018/2020). Here is my CV.