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I am a tenure-track assistant professor and director of the Liberal Studies program (supervising about 300 students) at the University of Houston, a Carnegie-designated Tier One institution. I teach theories of knowledge and truth, and ethics. In the last years, I was a lecturer at the University of Vienna (2019) and the Institute Vienna Circle (2015, 2017), an academic visitor at the University of Oxford (2016, 2017), and a visiting professor at the University of Bergamo in Italy (2015, 2022). In 2024, I shall be a visiting professor at the University of Insubria in Italy.

My research interests lie in epistemology and philosophy of mathematics but also involve ethics. I mainly wrote on intuition and mathematics in Kant, abstract objects and normativity in Rickert, and natural philosophy. Here is my CV.

In 2023, I launched the Ethics and Normativity Seminar Series at the University of Houston, which I now lead with Luis Oliveira and Robert Tierney.

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