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In recent years, I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses or seminars in institutions other than the University of Houston. Among them are the University of Vienna, the Institute Vienna Circle, and the Universities of Bergamo and Insubria in Italy. In 2020, I received the Ross M. Lence Awards for Teaching Excellence; my student ratings are here. Below is a selection of my teaching.



Knowledge and Methods (Since Fall 2019)

Problem-Solving (Since Fall 2019)

Evil and Injustice (2018-2019)

Science and Philosophy of Religion (2018-2019)

Being Human (2018-2019)



Kantian Normativity (Seminar 2024)

Kinds of Evil (Seminar 2023)

Knowledge and Truth in Russell and Putnam (Seminar 2022)

Mathematical Intuitionism (Course Spring 2019)

Intuitions and A Priori Knowledge (Seminar 2017)

Intuitions and Mathematical Induction (Seminar 2015)

Philosophy of Mathematics (Seminar 2015)

On Normativity (Seminar 2014)

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