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I currently work on Kantian issues relevant to the analytic developments of philosophy (such as truth and external reference, intuition, analyticity, a priori knowledge, and numerical analysis). The findings shall appear soon. Also, I am editing a collected volume on Kantian Normativity, which is embarrassingly late. Besides these main projects, I am polishing papers on objects and norms of knowledge in Rickerts epistemology and philosophy of mathematics. Below are the publications I regret the least.



Kantian Externalism and its Issues. (under review)

The Roots of Wittgenstein’s Analyticity. ALWS Proceedings, 2022.

Rickert’s Philosophy of Mathematics. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2022.

Kantian Externalism from Riehl to Putnam. De Gruyter, 2021.

On Kantian Intuitions and Mathematics. De Gruyter, 2018.

Wittgenstein’s Quasi-Intuitionism. ALWS Proceedings, 2018.

On Kantian Intuitions. NAKS Series, 2018.

Perceptions, Intuitions, and Mathematics. A Kantian Perspective. ALWS Proceeding, 2017.

Kant and the Neo-Kantians on Mathematics. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Paolo Parrini’s Il Valore della Verità. Kantian Review, 2015.

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